• Office Hours:  Monday - Friday   9am to 4pm
  • Main Number:  (830)) 709-3879
  • After Hours:  (830) 709-9810 (For Meter Readings Only)
  • Fax:   (830) 772-4082

Business Hours

The District office is open for business between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday through Friday except for approved holidays and special events that will be posted on the front door of the office. Customer calls received outside normal business hours are answered by a designated On-Call Employee. This employee is available to respond to calls for service other than questions or comments concerning billing and business operations. They do not have access to the customer billing records and cannot provide any type of payment or consumption history information to the caller. They have been instructed to direct all billing questions to the office staff who will be available by phone during regular business hours. Your cooperation is appreciated.

District Employees

All District Field employees can be identified by the District issued uniform or clothing they wear and the use of a vehicle with a District logo. Please do not hesitate to contact the office for verification, if needed.

P. O. Box 628
Devine, TX 78016