About Us

About East Medina County Special Utility District
Celebrating 50 years of service providing a safe source of drinking water to the rural community of southeast community of southeast media county 1967 TO 2017. Our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents! 

Our First Meeting

The first planning meeting was held on September 22, 1966 when a group of citizens met to discuss and determine the feasibility and practicality of organizing a rural water system for the area. Many more meetings followed and on May 24, 1967 a Certificate of Incorporation was signed by the Texas Secretary of State creating the East Medina County Water Supply Corporation. In 1996, through legislative approval, the corporation became known as East Medina County Special Utility District. Today the District  is a source of safe and reliable drinking water for nearly 3,000 residential, agricultural and commercial connections with an estimated population of more than 9,000 people covering more than 250 square miles of southeastern Medina County.

The District is proud of the service we provide and look forward to many more years of faithful service to all our current and future customers.

Our Purpose

East Medina County Special Utility District is a Political Subdivision of the State of Texas organized under Chapters 49 & 65 of the Texas Water Code for the purpose of furnishing potable water service to the Southeast area of Medina County. The District is the successor to the East Medina County Water Supply Corporation which was incorporated in 1967 under Article 1434a, Vernon's Texas Revised Civil Statutes. Conversion from a Water Supply Corporation to a Special Utility District was accomplished in September 1996. The District's service area is located approximately 25 miles west of the City of San Antonio, Texas and is generally bordered by the Towns of Castroville, LaCoste, Lytle, Natalia, Devine, Biry, Dunlay, and Quihi, as specified in Certificate of Convenience and Necessity #10217 issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality . The District operates under the Rules and Regulations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Department of Health, the Edwards Aquifer Authority, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our Water Source
The East Medina County Special Utility District's water source is the Edwards Aquifer. The Edwards Aquifer is a limestone formation and is one of the purest water sources in Texas.  We ask all our customers help protect our water sources, which are the heart of our community, our way of life and our children's future.